How to keep pee warm

How to keep pee warm

The correct temperature for human urine is about 98.6-degree Fahrenheit to 100-degree. Fahrenheit, if it is any different in the urine analysis, you will fail your test. Drug tests are the worst, significantly when you have cleared all the other criteria for the job, but the drug test is due. This test will ensure if you have a job or not, and risking a synthetic pee without warming, would not be a wise choice.

Why do we need to know about how to keep urine warm?: Most people fail their drug tests because their synthetic urines were in incorrect temperature; this type of urine changes the temperature based on its surroundings, so it becomes essential to keep it warm to match the correct urine temperature. There are more ways in which you can warm your urine than the unpredictable pattern of sealing it in a plastic bag and keeping it close to the warmth of your body alone.

How To Keep Urine Warm?

1. Microwaves:

Microwave heating can be tricky; you can not heat it in too low temperature nor too high. You have to be very cautious because if you overheat your synthetic urine, the formula will break down, and thus it will fail the test regardless. It is vital to microwave the urine in 10 seconds intervals. Also, check the temperature with the temperature strips provided by the synthetic urine manufacturer to ensure you are going in the right direction. Keep shaking the container in between those intervals to be sure that the urine is warming evenly. Please do not raise the temperature for more than 100-degree Fahrenheit because otherwise, it will break down the chemicals.

2.Heating Pads:

The manufacturers usually provide heating pads with the synthetic urine sample. These are for keeping the urine samples warm. Please warm your synthetic urine with the microwave first, and then use the heating pads to hold the container against your body's warmth and heat it. It is to keep the urine at the temperature range you want it to be. These are small packets that one can use to wrap the container like a tape or a plastic wrapper to give it full coverage. You have to make sure there isn't any water residue in the packet because that can affect the temperature. You have to keep checking the temperature with the temperature strip because you can not afford to overheat the sample.

3.Hand Warmers:

The manufacturer also provides hand warmers with synthetic urine. These are essentially somewhat similar to heating pads; you have to activate the hand warmers and press them against the container to keep it warm.It is advisable to keep checking the temperature with the temperature strips to avoid overheating the urine sample.

It is best to test the hand warmers before using them for your final sample because hand warmers are not of good quality; if the quality is compromised, it might not work well with your synthetic urine. This method takes a little time and is not 100% effective.

4. Body heat:

Using the body heat to keep the urine warm is the most practical and popular method. You have to seal the urine sample in a plastic bag. The temperature of the body is warm and ideal for your urine sample. The thighs would be the best area to keep the sample; it is incredibly warm there. It reduces the risk of overheating the synthetic urine. This method may be useful but is time-consuming and unpredictable. The urine cools down in significantly less time, so you have to keep it warm until the last minute of submission. The urine cools down in substantially less time, so you have to keep it warm until the last minute of submission.


It is a urine testing device that uses state-of-art technology and cutting-edge technology. It is best to keep your urine warm as it has a stainless sensor rod that contains the right temperature that one can use to regulate their urine temperature. It does not give any electric shock or risks to the user, has a silicone heater to heat the urine, is professional and efficient. The kit needs a little practice prior; you have to put 75 to 85 mL of warm water or urine, fill the bag, remove excess air, screw the cap, attach the batteries, fold the insulating fabric blanket, and secure the velcro ends appropriately. After doing so, when the crystal indicator reads 98-100, you are done.

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